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Sheldon A. Gray - Active Member

Percy L. Jones, III - Active Member

Kenrick Marsh - Active Member

Don Milligan - Active Member

Brian Webster - Active Member

Dominique Lewis - Active Member

Sean Mayer - Active Member

Brandon L. Ellis - Active Member

Marvin Craig - Active Member

Akbar Hossain - Active Member

Mao Howell - Active Member

Julain Ray - Active Member

Terence Ruffin - Active Member

Tommy Lepera - Active Member

Brandon Smith - Active Member


Norristown Men of Excellence Affiliates

Affiliates of NMOE dedicate their time, experience and support to the organization through volunteering, promotion and financial support. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please email


  • Brad Baker
  • Eric M. Benitez
  • Jamil A. Butler
  • Yeboa Cobbold, Sr.
  • James L. Edmonds
  • Jason N. Ellis
  • Troy M. Ellis
  • Alan K. Grantham, Jr.
  • Joshua B. King
  • Carl S. Moore
  • Melvin M. Morris, III
  • Marcelleous Peyton
  • Blayne R. Pierce
  • Richard K. Prete-Johnson, Jr.
  • Derrick Ricketts, Jr.
  • Christopher J. Rogers
  • Ezekiel J. Sheard, Sr.
  • Michael B. Whitehead
  • Milton L. Williams
  • Jerry J. Williams, Jr.



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